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After thinking about it for a few months, I have finally decided to get a blog going. In the past years I have enjoyed (and learned from) readying blogs as varied as my interests. In some cases, I have followed the postings on some blogs daily, other times, I have read blogs sporadically. However, I love reading the quality work people create when they are inspired by their passion. I hope to emulate them.
In creating a blog I have two main goals, first, as a person who practices Yoga regularly, I want to reach out, in English and Spanish, to the average householder, someone who might be curious about Yoga or who might have practiced Yoga a few times and would like to participate in a friendly conversation about Yoga and Yoga inspired living.

My second goal is to use this space as a venue to distill my own understanding of the connections between Yoga and everyday life. Consequently, oftentimes I will write about topics that might seem only tangentially related to Yoga. I hope those topics will illustrate ways of living a yogic life, because I believe that Yoga, more than physical exercise, is a system for living consciously. I invite you to join me in this journey.


4 Replies to “Beginning”

  1. Hola, me siento primero muy orgullosa por ti, tu trabajo me parece espectacular y pienso que yo voy a ser una de las personas que va a aprovechar esta pagina, aunque soy lega en estas artes se que de tu mano puedo aprender, saludos especiales y sigue adelante que este es un gran proyecto, abrazos

  2. Hola Gloria Liliana! Muchas gracias por tu apoyo. Es un honor y un placer para mi poder compartir lo que he aprendido y sigo aprendiendo. Un abrazo fuerte.

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