Meditation Challenge: Day 10 Expanding

Namaste and welcome to day 10!
We are almost at the middle of the journey. It is human nature to want to improve and to want to do well. Sometimes we may get so invested in doing well that we may try too hard. It happens all the time. If we try too hard, we may create pain and discomfort. One of the results is that we lose our relaxation. If you have stayed with the challenge this long, you may have noticed something important that is often overlooked: Even when you stay within you comfort, the boundaries of your comfort zone keep expanding gradually, at the pace that is appropriate and sustainable for you. This is the natural process of growth. Notice if this may be happening for you.

If you want to release tension in your hips and lower back before your practice you can try

Guided meditation below, when the recording comes to an end, take as long as you wish to enjoy the silence and to savor the effects of the practice.

Expanding organically,


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