Meditation Challenge: Day 13 Listening

Meditation Challenge: Day 13 Listening
Namaste and welcome to day 13!

So far, you have practiced relaxing and breathing. I trust you have felt some benefits from cultivating these skills. At the same time you have been cultivating your ability to feel, to focus and, more importantly, your ability to return to your focal point after each distraction. Well done!! Now, we start applying these skills to listening to the quality of our breath. Although it is possible to listen to your inhalations and exhalations, it is much more effective to monitor the quality of your breath by listening to yourself as you chant. For the next few days we will chant these traditional seed sounds (bija): Lam, Vam, Ram, Yam, Ham and Ksham.
Give it a try and notice what happens.

If you would like to start with a little bit of movement to relax more easily, you may want to try:

Guided meditation below, when the recording comes to an end, take as long as you wish to enjoy the silence and to savor the effects of the practice.

Breathing and Listening,


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