Smart and Enjoyable Yoga Practice


One idea that makes a difference in your practice and in its effects is to use the practice as a way to give your body an enjoyable massage. An effective approach is to explore with kind curiosity the healthy range of movement in your joints. The movements include tiny, small, medium and large movements. However, keep in mind that you are ensuring that you do not overstretch. You also pay attention not to squash your joints. Trust that staying within a healthy range of action will enhance circulation while preventing injuries. In addition, you get the benefits of the practice while also making your practice enjoyable and free of stress. If your practice is enjoyable you are more likely to practice again. As you build consistency in your practice you are more likely to receive incremental benefits at a sustainable pace. You will notice that your range of movement will improve also. This is a practical way of applying the yoga manifesto

Try this approach with the following video:

I hope you enjoy this approach to yoga.
Peace and health,

Simple guided meditation with Rubén



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