Meditación Guiada de Gratitud & Agradecimiento

Para complementar el artículo previo sobre la meditación de gratitud aquí está una breve (7.5 minutos) meditación de gratitud y agradecimiento.




8 Replies to “Meditación Guiada de Gratitud & Agradecimiento”

  1. Thank you Ruben, that was very nice (Graditude Meditation). I enjoy your news letter.

  2. Thank you for this meditation. I completely relaxed during the meditation. I was able to focus inwardly. Ellie

  3. Thank you Ruben..This was perfect for me ..I’m unable to get out because I had some surgery..Your site is so helpful to me now..

  4. namaste Linda,
    Thank you for your comment. I am glad that you find the site useful.
    Peace and good health…

  5. Ruben,

    I enjoyed it very much I´ve been practicing this meditation for 2 days I´ve already feel better. God bless you. Thank you.

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