Yoga Video: How to Improve Your Standing Posture

For several years I have been working on improving my observation skills in order to better help students who come to my classes. Whenever I have a chance I try to observe people as they stand or walk in order to notice individual as well as general tendencies. During class and when I am working with individual students I make suggestions based on what I observe to try and help students continue life-affirming and clarifying patterns. Other times my suggestions try to facilitate a process of awareness that will help students explore different options towards feeling vibrant and free from pain.

Since our standing posture is the foundation for the way we walk and stand, it makes a lot of sense to pay attention to our standing posture. This posture, because we practice it often, is a key posture to get right. In addition, it is an excellent point of departure for anybody interested in starting a yoga practice as well as for people who want to fine-tune their yoga practice. Moreover, becoming aware of our posture is instrumental in counteracting spinal compression and imbalance that often contribute to create discomfort and pain in the lower back and the neck. In preparing for the upcoming Freedom from Neck and Back Pain workshop I thought it would be helpful to share this simple and effective standing posture that can have many benefits.

In this video you will find an easy-to-follow approach to improving your standing posture. Since yoga is not only about the physical body, the video offers a complete and integrated approach to the practice that will make the posture meaningful and enjoyable. This integrated approach to practicing a simple yet fundamental posture can contribute to:

  • releasing pain
  • improving breathing capacity
  • creating balance
  • cultivating mindfulness

I really hope you find this video useful.

As I suggest in the video, practicing just this posture can be the perfect way to start practicing yoga at home. Do not hesitate to contact me with questions or to post comments to the video.

Peace, Health & Joy for you.


2 Replies to “Yoga Video: How to Improve Your Standing Posture”

  1. Sat Nam.
    Que tal! Felicitaciones por tu blog, pasaba por aquí buscando info sobre el engrosamiento y fortalecimiento de mis tobillos!!! Soy principiante de Kundalini yoga! Por ahora he encontrado dos:
    la conocida postura de “la silla” o uktasana o utkatasana…. y las ranitas !!! ambos son excelentes ejercicios para piernas y en particular para tobillos, pero quiero más MAS!!

  2. Namaste!
    Muchas gracias por tus comentarios. Pienso que las dos posturas que mencionas te pueden servir para fortalecer tus tobillos y piernas. Recuerda que es importante hacer la práctica con paciencia y persistencia para asi no ir mas alla de lo que podemos hacer. Sobretodo es importante que tu practica no genere agitacion en cuerpo, mente o respiracion. Teniendo esto en cuenta puedes tratar utkatasana con los talones levantados.
    Otra postura que puede ayudarte a clarificar como se sienten tus talones y pies antes de haccer estas posturas: empezando sentados en el piso con las piernas estiradas (dandasana) flexionamos una rodilla y entrelazamos los dedos de la mano opuesta con los dedos del pie en la pierna que tiene la rodilla flexionada. Manteniendo la integridad en respiracion, intencion y columna hacemos una rotacion del pie varias veces en cada sentido. Repitiendo los dos lados.
    Espero que esto te ayude.

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