3 minute simple meditation

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Very often we hear reports about the benefits of meditation at the mental, emotional and physical levels. These benefits include better stress management, lowered anxiety and negative emotions, improved sleep patterns and pain relief.

However, for many of us trying to meditate may seem like an exercise in frustration, especially if we see meditation as stopping all thoughts.

A simple approach to meditation that helped me get started was to see meditation as being with what is. In other words, meditation is cultivating the ability to accept what is happening and to observe it clearly and, to the extent that it is possible for us, without judgment.

Some of the challenges that we face when we try to practice meditation may include:

  • Our the expectations that we should be able to stop all thoughts
  • A tendency to try too hard
  • Disappointment in ourselves when we get distracted

I thought that this simple 3 minute meditation video could be helpful in getting to practice meditation. It is pretty simple, so when you try it, keep it simple.

All you do is keep your eyes open, watch the clouds and listen to the bells. If you get distracted, that is OK, most of us will get distracted. When you notice that you got distracted just return your attention to the clouds and the sounds. That’s all.

Do notice if there is any difference in the way you feel after this practice. If you feel better try it again at another time. Maybe even for a few days in a row, but without letting expectations get in the way. Remember, just observe as clearly as possible what is happening.

I hope you enjoy this practice.

Simple guided meditation with Rubén



2 Replies to “3 minute simple meditation”

  1. It works!
    Ruben, I finally decided to put 3 min on this video that I have seen before in your website – after all how many minutes we spend looking at videos in Facebook? I must confess I’m surprised because although I wasn’t completely into it and had to re-direct attention to the clouds moving and the sounds constantly, at the end I did feel different – a bit more calmed? This is so great, thank you very much, the experience is really encouraging. You are the best!

  2. Namaste Maria Luisa,
    Thank you for your message. I am glad you found it useful. A little bit at a time we make seemingly small changes that ignite further changes.
    Peace and joy

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