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Meditation is good for us, at many levels. More and more studies indicate that meditation can have beneficial effects on our bodies, minds, emotions and overall health and well-being. It appears that meditation may even contribute to slow the aging process. For me, meditation is coming to meet myself underneath the hustle and bustle of my surface level mind. It feels good to meditate, because it calms the mind, gives us a break from our habitual ways of thinking, moving, breathing and feeling. That’s the reason i practice regularly.

Meditation is simplicity. The video below is a simple and effective meditation session to relax, calm and rest your mind.

Some suggestions:

  • Give yourself permission to take a short break–recognize that the world will be able to survive without you for a few minutes 🙂
  • Sit comfortably with spine erect and relaxed
  • Let go of tension
  • Breathe comfortably, without forcing and without interruptions
  • Let whatever distractions emerge come and go without having to have an opinion about them and without making them into a problem
  • Just observe everything that is happening
  • Enjoy this moment of stillness, that is, enjoy your own company
  • In meditation it doesn’t matter how many times we get distracted. We keep returning to our focal point. Gradually our atention and patience grow stronger. After the practice, notice how you feel. If you feel a bit better, consider giving yourself the gift of meditation regularly.

    I hope that you enjoy this meditation session with the video filmed in Sunset Beach, Florida, USA



    Simple guided meditation with Rubén



2 Replies to “Free Video Easy Meditation for Beginners”

  1. Muchas gracias por el video y por las sugerencias para meditar. Las practico y me ayudan a la concentración. También uso su video para mi práctica diaria. Ahora estoy en Costa Rica y también asisto a una clase de yoga aquí. Un saludo. Namaste. Saray

  2. Namaste Saray,
    Muchas gracias por su mensaje. Espero que esté disfrutando su estadía en Costa Rica.
    Un saludo cordial,

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