Dance of Shiva : Linking Horizontal and Vertical Movements



Expanding Possibilities: Linking Horizontal & Vertical Movements

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The Dance of Shiva leads us to keep expanding our skills and mental processing capacity. After learning the basic horizontal and vertical arm patterns, one way of growing our practice is by exploring movements that link each position in the Horizontal pattern to each one of the Vertical positions and vice versa.

Dance of Shiva Horizontal to Vertical Links

Horizontal 1 to Vertical

Horizontal 2 to Vertical

Horizontal 3 to Vertical

Horizontal 4 to Vertical

Dance of Shiva Vertical to Horizontal Links
Vertical 1 to Horizontal

Vertical 2 to Horizontal

Vertical 3 to Horizontal

Vertical 4 to Horizontal

This is an excellent way to become familiar with moving between the two sets of positions. This practice can be done starting with from the Horizontal or Vertical position and going to each one of the positions in the other pattern. You may enjoy practicing with a wide stance and flexing your knees as you connect the two positions. It can also be fun to try repeating each movement a few times.
As usual, we practice:

  • Without strain
  • Without struggle
  • Without self-judgement

Notice the effects of this change to your:

  • Attention
  • Concentration
  • Focus
  • Coordination


In this video you can see a demonstration of these movements

If you like this practice, there is a very complete DVD on the Theory and Practice of the Dance of Shiva by Andrey Lappa on

I hope that you enjoy adding this step to your practice.


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