Meditation Challenge : Day 2 Distractions

Namaste and welcome to day 2

Does it happen to you that when even when you are relaxed and without interruptions you find a lot of internal activity? Perhaps as you are relaxing you remember something that happened at work or your mind starts planning your day or week. Welcome to being human. If your mind is getting distracted, you are noticing how you, like many of us, have been training your mind to stay busy all the time. Meditation is a way to give yourself a break. It will take some time to train your mind to stay focused on one simple object or idea. At this stage, you are just trying to get good at relaxing. When you get distracted, no matter what the distraction is, just release the distraction. Simple. Next, return to your relaxation without any strain, without struggle, without self-judgment and, very important with a gentle smile on your face. It doesn’t matter how many times you get distracted. What matters is to return to your focus, relaxation, every time.

If you want to release tension in your hips and lower back before your practice you can try

Guided meditation below, when the recording comes to an end, take as long as you wish to enjoy the silence and to savor the effects of the practice.



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  1. Thank You Ruben, the practice helped me to released the tension on my hips and my lower back. The support on the wall made a big difference. The meditation was great! Thank You, Thank You.

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