Meditation Challenge: Day 4 Noticing effects

Namaste and welcome to day 4!
Have you noticed any changes in you after these sessions? I hope you have. Perhaps, you have gotten better at relaxing. Today is the last day of focusing on relaxation during this challenge. I hope that by dedicating time each day to relaxing you may have found how useful it is to relax and how nice it feels inside of you when you are relaxed. I hope that you savor today’s session.

If you would like to clear your mind before meditating, you may try:

Guided meditation below, when the recording comes to an end, take as long as you wish to enjoy the silence and to savor the effects of the practice.



2 Replies to “Meditation Challenge: Day 4 Noticing effects”

  1. Thank You Ruben for offering this 21 day challenge meditation for our benefit. The meditation helps me a lot to connect with myself and to relax. The Dance of Shiva is fun and I feel energized to start my day.

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