Meditation Challenge: Day 7 Choices

Namaste and welcome to day 7!
Wow, it is already a third of the challenge! I hope that you are noticing some benefits from doing this challenge. Perhaps you are feeling more at ease, more relaxed and more awake during your day. However, please do not be surprised if you notice tension, or irritation during your day. One of the things that happens as we grow in our ability to focus and be present is that we notice more easily the things that annoy us. This enables us to make conscious choices. For instance, as you are breathing notice if there is an internal voice criticizing what you are doing or how you are breathing. You can pay attention to that voice only if you want to feel discouraged. Would it be possible to focus on the sensations that happen as you breathe?

In case you’d like to release tension from your shoulders before meditating, you may try:

Guided meditation below, when the recording comes to an end, take as long as you wish to enjoy the silence and to savor the effects of the practice.

Enjoy inhaling and exhaling,


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  1. Ruben, muchas gracias por los ejercicios y la meditación. Excelente resultados mis hombros se sienten mucho mejor.


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